12 October 2005

Law Firm having a Clearance?

As part of an office makeover we are able to offer some stored documents from the 1950s to clients and direct decendants. More about this later, in the meantime contact us if you:
1. have an interest (family history, etc)
2. think (or know) that we have documents of interest and
3. can prove that the former client is deceased and that you have a close connection.
In each family there is a family historian - get them to contact us. The person with the closest connection may need to verify the identity of that person.
Note that there is no hurry unlike other clearances.

27 July 2005

What to advise (via email) when depositing

When depositing to our accounts, especially the trust account, please send us an email to advise us that the deposit has been made.
Include in the email:
* the amount,
* the "paid from" account (BSB and account number)
* any reference number that you were given when you made the transfer.

08 July 2005

Contacting Us

If you use Outlook then you can add our firm's contact details (to your contacts folder) by downloading and opening this VCF file.

If you use Fax and you have caller ID enabled we will advise you if any faxes from you fail (for whatever reason).

Our firm has a policy of not buying ANY products from information sent via unsolicited fax, email or letter.

Posting to our street address can add a day to the delivery. Please use the PO box.

06 July 2005

Law Firm via email

For all your conveyancing, will and estate matters we can help you via email.
Send email to us at this email address luchetti at dart net au