03 October 2006

Asset Rich - Cash Poor

One of the greatest fears for people who are nearing retirement is not having enough money to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. A reverse mortgage allows you to borrow cash against the value of your home. It is aimed specifically at this group.
Most often it is the children of the elderly that have to understand the detail of the various finance options. Commonly they will not have to explain the detail but they may have to answer questions about it. If their parents trust them to make these decisions then they have to be sure that it is the right decision.
We take a look at how the reverse mortgage works and provide some tips on what you should look out for before entering into one. [more..]

22 August 2006

Caveat vendor - seller beware

Caveat emptor is the common problem – buyer beware. But when it comes to property, there is also caveat vendor - seller beware.
It is worthwhile being informed and knowing that things can happen when you open your house for inspection. There are precautions you can take [more..]

01 August 2006

Living wills

How do you cover yourself for this possibility? You are lying motionless and stricken in a hospital bed. Important decisions need to be made about your treatment, your property or your life. But you can’t move, you can’t speak - you can’t make them.
Does that mean any wishes you might have had while you were conscious could be ignored or overridden? Is there any legal way of preparing for a situation like this?
Well, yes, there is ..[more]

04 July 2006

Commercial lease traps

Make sure that your commercial lease is properly executed. In small business, when it comes to the formalities of executing a lease, and understanding your rights and obligations, it pays to get legal advice to protect the business. [FAQ..]

03 June 2006

Our system

Our firm uses a computer system that provides:
* Automated precedents and calculations for our areas of law
* Document and matter management
* Email and calendar integration
* Secure firewalls and access to our central server from the Internet
* Three different types of backup systems: RAID, DVD and USB copies, and
* Scanning and storage of incoming mail and faxes
Also we use our web space to deliver completed work to clients.
This means that your email is not jammed with a large attachment and you can choose when to take delivery of it.
Here is how it works:
· We email you telling you the file (usually a contract) is ready,
· We give you a link in that email to the file's web address,
· Because the link in the email is not to a webpage, no page will open, you get a message that allows you to Save the file to disk.
Note that the file is not linked to any web pages and cannot be accessed without the exact web address.

02 May 2006

Smoke Alarms and Selling Properties

Changes to Conveyancing Procedure
We will be advising clients who are selling about the additional disclosure requirements and obligations in relation to smoke alarms.
To work out where you need to place them and how many you need see your electrician. This information is also available at planning.nsw.gov.au/.../smoke_alarms_advisory_note.pdf

09 January 2006

Conveyancing in digital form

Transfer of property has lots of old fashioned paper-based safeguards. As the various authorities explore conveyancing electronically, which of these will convert and which will be lost? Are there other benefits? [more..]