02 May 2006

Smoke Alarms and Selling Properties

Changes to Conveyancing Procedure
We will be advising clients who are selling about the additional disclosure requirements and obligations in relation to smoke alarms.
To work out where you need to place them and how many you need see your electrician. This information is also available at planning.nsw.gov.au/.../smoke_alarms_advisory_note.pdf


Bruce said...

The Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Further Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Regulation 2006 was gazetted on 2 June 2006. This makes it clear that the requirement to include a statement relating to smoke alarms as a prescribed document in a contract for sale of land has effect only on and from 1 November 2006.

Bruce said...

Now there is a new requirement, effective from 1 December 2006, to include a new warning notice in all Contracts.
The Regulation (gazetted 27 Oct 06) is discussed on this page:

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