03 June 2006

Our system

Our firm uses a computer system that provides:
* Automated precedents and calculations for our areas of law
* Document and matter management
* Email and calendar integration
* Secure firewalls and access to our central server from the Internet
* Three different types of backup systems: RAID, DVD and USB copies, and
* Scanning and storage of incoming mail and faxes
Also we use our web space to deliver completed work to clients.
This means that your email is not jammed with a large attachment and you can choose when to take delivery of it.
Here is how it works:
· We email you telling you the file (usually a contract) is ready,
· We give you a link in that email to the file's web address,
· Because the link in the email is not to a webpage, no page will open, you get a message that allows you to Save the file to disk.
Note that the file is not linked to any web pages and cannot be accessed without the exact web address.