17 September 2012

Sydney Metropolitan Strategy

If you own or are buying property in Sydney, keep your eye on this story:
The Metropolitan Plan was a Labor Party plan and since the election of the Liberal Party there appears to be no updates to the information available.
This could mean that the Public Service think that this is a good idea or that the new NSW government has yet to rebrand the idea.
The Plan aims to strengthen and improve Sydney’s productivity and enable it to grow efficiently and sustainably.
The city of cities approach regards Sydney as comprising five cities: the Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith.

"It would also provide significant support for transit-oriented development, urban revitalisation and services to new rail markets," the report says.

See metrostrategy.nsw.gov.au
for the whole story
and this site:
for the lower north shore.

10 May 2012

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